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Water Ingress, Target area Inspection

Water Ingress

Do you have a water ingress issues? Cant find the source or the extent of how far water has progressed, or just have a specific area of concern in your building and need some professional advice, then let us help you.
For water entry into a building we will investigate the source. This may require evaluation of the roof, gutters, Skylights, windows, doors property grade etc to locate the entry point. With our profession grade moisture meters (2) thermal camera as well as visual indicators these tools are used to locate and resolve the issue.
If you currently have or have had a leaking pipe or drain a flood, then these tools also allow us to view the extent of the water damage, which in most cases are greater than visible with the eye. The thermal camera is ideal after the repairs are complete to verify that all areas are now dry.
For bathrooms we can verify if the shower or bath enclosure is performing correctly, check the floor to ensure that the toilet wax ring is not leaking.
For any Water issues please contact us for more information.

Water Ingress

Target area Inspection

This service is designed for a specific area of concern where a full inspection is not required or an independent verification is required.

Some examples:

  • Cracks in walls floors, foundations etc.
  • Settlement with the building.
  • Possible failing deck membranes or flashing details.
  • Plumbing, Heating, Electrical concerns.
  • Verification of previous work has been performed correctly. Ie verify the strata dryer ducts have been cleaned correctly just to mention a few.

An electronic report is also provided. These typically will have video clips and pictures, which is ideal for third parties such as Insurance agents, Strata councils or contractors to view easily showing the areas of concerns.

If you have any concerns within a building or any of the systems just call to see if we can help you.

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