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The advantages of a Pre-Listing Inspection

Pre-Listing Inspection

A Pre-listing inspection is performed before the property is listed on the market. There are numerous advantages to all parties involved.

Pre Listing

Advantages to the Seller

The seller can choose a licensed HIABC Professional Home Inspector rather than the buyers choice of inspector, family member or contractor.
The seller can schedule the inspection at their convenience.
• It may alert the seller of any possible issues that they not be aware of.
The seller can assist the inspector during the inspection, (ie if any furniture has to be moved). This tends to allow the inspector to fully inspect any areas of possible concern providing greater disclosure.
The report can help the seller realistically price the home if issues exist.
The report can help the seller substantiate a higher asking price if there are no issues or they been corrected.
A Pre-Listing inspection reveals concerns ahead of time which:

  1. May make the home show better.
  2. Gives the seller time to repair defects or obtain competitive quotes for repairs.
  3. Allows the seller to attach repair estimates or the paid invoices to the inspection report.
  4. Can remove over inflated buyer procured estimates from the negotiation.
  5. Can reduce 11th hour negotiations.

The report may alert the seller of any immediate safety issues found, before agents and visitors tour the property
The report provides a third-party, unbiased opinion to offer potential buyers.
A Pre-Listing Inspection is the ulitmate disclosure on the behalf of the seller. This can be used as an effective marketing tool.
A Pre-Listing Inspection provides full disclosure protection from potential legal claims.

Advantages to the Realtor

Realtors can recommend Professional Licensed CAHPI inspectors as apposed to the buyers choice of inspector, family member or contractor.
Inspection Scheduling can be done with minimal effort from the Realtor.
The report aids home owners see their homes through the eyes of a unbiased, third-party, making the seller more realistic about the asking price.
The report may relieve prospective buyers unfounded suspicions.
An AusCan Pre-Listing report is an excellent marketing tool. All reports are shown on line so any potential buyer or their agent can view at any time before organizing a showing.
The agents picture and all relevant information as well as a picture of the home is displayed on our web site.
A link on agents web site to the report can be used to the report.
A visited page number is used on the report web page as to aid the Realtor in how many potential clients have viewed their listing report.
The reports may encourage buyers to waive their inspection contingencies.
Deals are less likely to fall apart when buyers inspectors unexpectedly reveal issues.
Pre-Listing inspections provide full disclosure possibly preventing an legal claims.

Advantages to the Buyer

The inspection is already done.
The inspection has been paid for by the Seller.
A Pre-Listing inspection provides an accurate,third-party unbiased view of the condition of the property prior to making an offer.
A Pre-Listing inspection eliminates surprise defects.
Defects or areas of concern are usually corrected or at least acknowledged prior to making an offer.
The report may assist the buyer in aquiring financing.
The report provides full disclosure of the property.
The report can be viewed online at any time and revisited as many times as required.
The report includes pictures, diagrams and information aiding in regular maintenance on the property.

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